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The grammar of love by body language

05 March 2014

The actors from St. Petersburg Contemporary Dance Theater retell Ivan Bunin's stories by the language of contemporary dance.

The majority of Bunin's novels are about love. "The grammar of love" performance is based on his stories, where love is turns to be lofty and sinful, destructive and sincere, passionate and full of lies. The actors present different relationships between men and women in different forms of plastic studies.

The scene of the story is laid at a train station, where everyday scenes and passionate romances take place. Sad farewell melodies get replaced by disco rhythms of reunions, wheels are hammering, locomotives are whistling, the audience witnesses love triangles and scenes of seduction.

St. Petersburg Contemporary Dance Theater combines dramatic art and plastic theater, as sometimes body language can say more than words.

At the end, the performance is about love, the main feeling of life. Bunin compared it to a hurricane or a sunstroke. It's an outbreak, which brings not only joy but also destruction. It can make a person unhappy, lonely and lost. Love is transient and fleeting. But people live, suffer, lose and still love...

text by Olga Safroshina, photo by Vitaly Kolikov