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Loneliness in the crowd

25 April 2014

A Hero of Our Time for Vita Buivid is an athlete of a perfect build and a perspective of total loneliness.

“The Team” turned the Erarta exhibition hall into a swimming pool that begins with an installation of a dressing room and plaster towels. The walls are covered with photographs of swimmers, printed on satin and featured with oils.

Vita Buivid focuses her attention on the beauty of an athletic male body. But this is not just a hymn to physical perfectness. The artist tries to reconsider the phenomenon of team consciousness, which is oddly enough connected to the total loneliness. Even being surrounded by people, the modern man is often isolated from the others. It’s also not that easy to be a part of a team and save the integral personality. Therefore, the bodies on the canvases seem to dissolve in water and be broken into pixels.

“It looks like a chaotic pixel mosaic, where single parts lose their meanings, but together they form an image-body-object, — says the curator Maria Turkina. — The artist draws parallels with loneliness, disconnectedness and globalization, which turn us into a ruck”.

text by Olga Safroshina, photo by Vitaly Kolikov