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Siberian Identity

04 June 2014

At Erarta exhibition of Siberian artists "Krasnoyarsk Contemporary Art" not everything is as it seems...

Though their names sound alike, the works of the artist Surikov are not what everyone initially thinks they are: "Boyar Morozova" and "The morning of the Streltsy execution". The young artist Alexander Surikov, a graduate of the Art Institute named after V.I. Surikov, ventured to reinterpret the well-known works of his great namesake and fellow countryman.

Completely different stylistics overlap in Alexander Krasnov's piece: "A cubist and a primitivist visit a surrealist". In addition to this, the exhibition offers new and uncommon views of both this year's popular Olympic theme and of the simple and understandable to all catchword: "bread".

Apart from the work of young and daring writers, the exhibition offers a closer acquaintance with already highly regarded and authoritative artists from Krasnoyarsk. One can find on display the vivid canvases of the Russian avant-garde follower Andrey Pozdeyev, who was called the "Siberian Matisse".

According to experts, some time ago there was an attempt to create a specific Siberian style, when archeological discoveries were reinterpreted with modern artistic language. Thus, Nikolai Rybakov mixed elements of ancient Siberian art and scenic creations of the 20th century. In the Russian modern art exhibition at the Louvre his work was awarded a silver medal.

"Krasnoyarsk Contemporary Art" is a collective project of the Erarta Museum of Contemporary Art and the Krasnoyarsk art gallery of the Romanovs. It is a continuation of the series "Russia in Erarta", which allows Petersburg's public the opportunity to see the most interesting and relevant works from the Russian regions' artistic life.

About the exhibition
text by Olga Safroshina, photo by Vitaly Kolikov