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Alive Footwear

19 August 2014

Creators of the "Brain Fashion" exhibition suggest that we look at footwear as a symbol of life and as skilfully executed art.

The creators of the project are members of the Belarusian creative group "Concept/Art/Confession". They transformed such everyday things like shoes and boots into art. The result is elegant sculptures of bronze, wood, silver, or for example, infinity loops from boots. A shoeprint is able to be imagined as a hieroglyph, while boxes of shoes stand effectively as a solid wall.

As the artists explained, at first, they used only branded shoes because of their elegance. However, pathos of luxury is quickly made clear: while the toes of the boots still live up to the flashy names of their designer, the rest of the shoes begin to have dusty wrinkles, deformed leather and worn out soles. And everything reveals a beauty of a different order. The artists prove that one's glance at a shoe can be very different to another's, decorative, poetic and metaphorical.

"For us, the visual aesthetics are important. But the main thing is still the promise of meaning. We try to talk though shoes about eternity", — explains the curator of the exhibition Isabella Tarasova.

At the opening day, the public views the artistic objects with marked interest. Someone noticed his or her favourite sandals from well-known manufacturers. There were also those who took off their own boot to be transformed into a part of the exposition. Such is the merging of life and art of the creators of the exhibition, who can be said to be simply pleased — this means that there is resonance, a live response.

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text by Olga Safroshina, photo by Yuri Dormidoshin