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The palette of everyday life

29 September 2014

Aleksandr Kabin sees the beauty even in everyday life of routine and commonness and he proves this at his solo exhibition "Blow up".

The title of the exhibition refers to the term "photographic enlargement". In his paintings Kabin focuses on the details of everyday life. The artist lives in Severodvinsk and depicts his hometown snowy train station, abandoned garages and barracks, and rusted public buses. He doesn’t try to romance the reality, but he is able to portray it without any sense of despair: because life is everywhere, and it contains both the good and the bad, beauty and decay.  

Another part of the exhibition is devoted to women, their privacy and personal space. This subject is also reflected in the artist’s personal style. His paintings resemble fuzzy black and white photos. The heroines look slightly out of focus, but it makes them seem even more vivid. Blurriness gives birth to imagination.  

Erarta continues to seek and to find talented and creative artists, not only in capitals, but also in provinces. It is Aleksandr Kabin’s first solo exhibition outside his region. He received higher technical education in engineering, but he was able to develop his own style of painting.  

"The things around are very important for me. I'm looking for the truth and documentary, — Aleksandr says. — But my works are not photographs; it is reality, passed through the artist's palette. Through the realistic objects I am trying to convey the inner worlds of emotions and feelings".

About the exhibition
text by Olga Safroshina, photo by Yuri Dormidoshin