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History’s fashion judgment

20 October 2014

Exhibition "Russia in Vogue" invites you to look at our country and our compatriots through lens of cameramen from one of the most popular fashion magazines in the world.

Russian faces and Russian landscapes have been on the pages of Vogue for almost a hundred years. Real rarities can be seen on the exhibition “Russia in Vogue”. For example, Sergey Eisenstein’s photo of 1928, while he was traveling abroad for a long time exchanging cinematographic experience. Or Fyodor Chaliapin’s shot in emigration where he is presented in a character “of a stoic or of an outcast king”.

Soviet Union served an exotic decoration for the magazine’s sessions several times. In 1969 the best model of Ministry of light industry of USSR posed for a cameraman in attires by American designers on the Red Square. This session costed her a carrier.

15 years ago Russian edition of Vogue was published. Its heroes were Russian spacemen and sailors of “Aurora”, Mariinsky theatre’s prima Alina Somova and model Natalia Vodyanova. The exhibition shows that Russian vanguard and Soviet poster are still favorite sources of quotes among European designers and stylists. That’s why for one of the spring issues of the magazine models stood as for a First of May demonstration.     

There are more than 80 works in the exposition that cover whole decades of our history. The exhibition gives an opportunity to see how Russia, its heroes and culture influenced world fashion, and to look at fashion photography as at a witness of time and object of art.

About the exhibition
text – Olga Safroshina, photos – Yuri Dormidoshin