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Between fashion and art

05 November 2014

The exhibition "Hmm..." at Erarta Museum of Contemporary Art features both fashion and artistic searches of a renowned St. Petersburg designer Sergey Bondarev.

Sergey is known to be artistic in every sphere of life. He creates clothes and accessories, owns a beauty salon and manages a flower shop. And recently he’s turned out to be a professional artist that fully empowered him to arrange a large-scale solo exhibition.   

Sergey sees aesthetics in everything. He is able to discern something diabolical in the beauty of top models and to make high-heel shoes out of a piece of wood. He works with a variety of materials, such as oils, photos, and furs. 

One of the first exhibits to draw your attention is “Fluffy” made of yak’s fur. An unusual girl’s portrait “Monkey Girl” is embroidered with multi-colored sequins. Sergey paints not only on canvases, but on the glazed tiles from an old fireplace. Some of his works look very naive, while others are multi-layered and complex. 

“I have spent ten years in fashion business and I know it from the inside. Therefore, I can’t help ironic attitude when talking about it, — says Sergey. — As for the form, material and style, I never limit myself. I'm interesting in different things”.

About the exhibition
text by Olga Safroshina, photo by Vitaly Kolikov