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27 January 2015

New exhibition by Dmitry Shorin “Analogue of God” is a reflection on our affections, on what we deify, what we believe in and what we worship.

Dmitry Shorin believes that man inevitably chooses an object of worship — something great, unknown, beautiful or inconceivable. But considering the deity in a broad sense: it can be anything — from your favorite music and gadget that you always turn on, to close friends and art, what you work on.

Girls on Dmitry Shorin’s paintings are always perfect: they are goddesses, muses, unsteady dreams. Thus, you can see a modern Assol or Butterfly Girl. Several works are related to the ballet world, which author considers as a “court and aristocratic dance and the crown of the highest pinnacle of human genius at a high of spiritual turmoil”.

A very special part of the exhibition is a two-parts project “Over”. The sculpture depicts a beautiful woman in a white tutu skirt standing in a pose in which ballerinas usually rest, relax their legs and lower back. Plasma panel serves as a base, which shows the footage of a rehearsal at the Mikhailovsky Theatre. This Ballerina is also a real person from the Mariinsky Theatre. The author did not just sculpt from nature: he scanned the figure, and then cast a form from mixed materials and later varnished it. The result was a white, shiny, very beautiful and almost alive statue.

“At the ‘Above All’ project ballerina embodies an art that hovers over everything in your life”, — says Dmitry Shorin. — And at the bottom of the monitor is a movie. It was intended to be a symbol of vanity, triviality and mortality — something that ballerina towers above. But it turned out that it is also an art. The Movie for God, shot from above. That is the art above art”.

About the exhibition
text by Olga Safroshina, photo by Vitaly Kolikov