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Invisible artist Liu Bolin “hid” himself in Erarta Museum

16 February 2018

On February 14, Liu Bolin blended himself into the sculpture “Track of a Worm” by Sergey Karev

  • Liu Bolin and Sergey Karev


On the eve of the “Liu Bolin: the Invisible Man” exhibition opening at Erarta Museum, Liu Bolin, a star of Chinese contemporary art, showcased his creative process by “hiding” himself into one of the works from the Erarta’s collection. 

On February 14, the artist and his international team spent several hours hiding Liu Bolin in the large-scale art installation “Track of a Worm” by Sergey Karev (Erarta Museum’s permanent exhibition, floor 4). The visitors were able to freely observe the creative process.  

Many hours of work resulted in the photograph where Liu Bolin completely merges with the art object. This picture made by the photographer from the Bolin’s team will be included in the Erarta Museum’s permanent collection and will be exhibited alongside Karev’s art installation. In addition, the visitors of the future exhibitions by the Chinese artist all around the world will be able to see the work “Hiding in Erarta”. Thus, the photo will become part of Liu Bolin’s artistic biography. 

“For Erarta Museum, the collaboration with such significant members of the art world is undeniably important, for we strive to introduce our fellow citizens not only to Russian art, but art from all over the world. We are happy that Erarta Museum has been able to set up the largest exhibition of the artist’s work to date. Liu Bolin’s work is a wonderful example of an artist communicating the problems affecting everyone in an accessible way”, — says Ekaterina Atoyan-Milyukova, the director of external relations at the Erarta Museum.

Vitaly Kolikov