• Россия в Эрарте

    Russia in Erarta

“Russia in Erarta” is an exhibitional and educational project, which is aimed at promoting contemporary Russian art and establishing a cultural dialogue between Saint Petersburg and other Russian cities. Throughout the country, in its various regions, there are talented artists, whose work deserves to be recognized and lauded. This project gives them a platform for such a chance. It’s also important to give artists exhibition opportunities that are detached from the commercial environment of today. The point of art isn’t limited to a market for it — it should, above all, be a source of knowledge and aesthetic pleasure. And so the Russian public must have access to the vast variety of contemporary art produced in their country.

The “Russia in Erarta” project consists of two principal parts — each year there are four large-scale exhibitions of contemporary art of particular cities or regions of Russia staged at Erarta in Saint Petersburg and there are a further two travelling exhibitions of Erarta’s permanent collection, which are staged in the chosen hosting regions. In addition to the exhibitions, the project also involves representations of a wide range of forms of contemporary culture of participating regions — there are press conferences, round table discussions of issues facing contemporary art, as well as concerts and theatrical performances.

For Erarta Museum, the “Russia in Erarta” project is a natural extension of activities that it has implemented from the very start of its existence. The museum has been forming an all-Russian contemporary art collection since 2007, aiming to present the very best pieces. Currently, artists whose works are represented in Erarta’s museum collection, hail from over 20 different cities of Russia. The museum sees it an important part of its overall mission to show that original and talented art isn’t just created in the two “powerhouses” of Moscow and Saint Petersburg bur rather, that every city and region make a valuable contribution to the overall cultural wealth of our country.