• u-space что остается
    U-Space “What’s Left When Everything’s Gone”
floor 2, Museum Wing
15 min
fixed price for a group of maximum 5 people

We've all experienced the feeling of loss. It's not necessarily connected to the physical loss of those close to us — it's sometimes caused by the inexorable transition of every particular moment from the category of “present” to the category of “past”. What do we all really have? The past is gone, the future isn't here yet and it looks like all that we have is a thin thread of memories and presentiments spliced together with instants of present sliding along. You can tie your necklace but you also can lose all beads — hold on to yours tight as life is so fragile and flies by so quickly!

This U-space designed by Valentina Serebrennikova, using the two paintings of Valeriy Valran.

Technical realization of the project by Konstantin Pakhotin.

Soundtrack by Igor Korobko.

visiting rules of the U-Space
“What’s Left When Everything’s Gone”:

All decorative interior elements are integral parts of the exposition. We kindly ask you not to destroy the compositional integrity and not to harm the objects.

We will appreciate if after your visit all the U-Space objects will stay in their original places and the installation will remain unchanged.

The room is equipped with a surveillance camera in order to prevent damage of the objects. In case of non-compliance with the visiting rules the administration reserves the right to stop the session.