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  • u-space 7 небо
    U-Space “Cloud Nine”
floor 5, Museum Wing
15 min
fixed price for a group of maximum 5 people

The Internet will shortly disappear as a concept because information will soon be totally integrated into human organism via means of various gadgets. Chips, sensors, lenses and other tech augmentations will become part of human body and the brain will be able to immediately load and required information and have total awareness of the surrounding environment.

Will emotions, romance and dreams die out as a result? One hopes that won't be the case because there will always be artists able to bring beauty and aesthetics even to a virtual space, furthermore, benefitting from such progress with heightened levels of ability. Then, the most ambitious dreams will come true — for instance, everyone will be able to reach Cloud Nine and feel truly happy.

Concept and project development — Erarta Museum team.
Video sequence — Mikhail Knyazev.

Technical execution — Sergey Matveev.

visiting rules of the U-Space “Cloud Nine”:

All interior elements are integral parts of the exposition. We kindly ask you not to destroy the compositional integrity and not to harm the objects.

We will appreciate if after your visit all the U-Space objects will stay in their original places and the installation will remain unchanged.

The room is equipped with a surveillance camera in order to prevent damage of the objects. In case of non-compliance with the visiting rules the administration reserves the right to stop the session.