campaign and win

Take part in a special 2023 Erarta Prize challenge: be creative in supporting the shortlisted artist of your choice. It might as well be that your active support encourages other viewers to vote for your favourite artwork: in the second voting round, every vote matters to the artist and is guaranteed to increase the amount of the prize money he or she receives. For your part, your efforts to promote the artwork make you eligible for the viewer prize draw!

Simply film a short promotional video supporting the artwork of your choice. The maker of the video marked out as the most interesting by the Erarta team will win 100,000 rubles. The best video campaigns will be shown on a dedicated screen in the video area, next to the artists’ video introductions.

Any registered Erarta Member or Ticket holder can take part in the challenge. Each viewer can film an unlimited number of videos: feel free to campaign for the artworks that impressed you the most and win!

While visiting the exhibition, pay special attention to the shortlisted artworks. A little reminder: in the second round, you can vote for any of the top 10 artworks that received the majority of viewer votes in the first round. These are easy to spot in the exhibition space: look out for the special badge.


There are several ways to take part in the challenge

1. Film your campaign right at the exhibition space

— Our professional cameraman will happily assist you in shooting your promotional video. From 12 April through 2 June, he will be available in the following time slots: from 16:00 to 18:00 on Thursdays and Fridays and from 15:00 to 18:00 on Saturdays and Sundays.

— Keep in mind that the award will go to the creators of the most interesting, eye-catching, and imaginative videos. It is very likely that you will need extra time and preparation to realise your vision – a valid Erarta Ticket or Membership entitles you to come back for free and carry out your plan!

2. Shoot the video yourself

— Feel free to campaign for your favourite artwork and promote it using any imaginative methods you can come up with. Don’t forget to mention the number assigned to the artwork and the name of the artist.

— Post your video on your preferred social media using #erartaprize2023

— Don’t forget to fill out the special form — this way we will not miss a single video promoting the nominees.


To take part in the prize challenge, submit your video campaign no later than 4 June. The winner will be announced on 8 June, at the 2023 Erarta Prize’s closing gala event.

Still have questions about the viewer challenges? Ask our staff member for help!


Pursuant to the applicable tax laws of the Russian Federation, the prize draw Organiser, acting in the capacity of the withholding agent, must withhold from the amount of the Winner’s prize money and pay to the budget the amount of the personal income tax at a rate of 35%.