vote and win with the artist

To be entered in the 100,000 ruble prize draw, simply vote for one of the ten artists shortlisted for the Prize.

By voting for the favourite artwork through my Erarta account, every viewer gets a chance to win a share of the 100,000 ruble prize money. On 8 June, at the 2023 Erarta Prize’s closing gala event, 10 voters will be picked to receive 10,000 rubles each.

The final voting round will last through 8 June: your support is guaranteed to increase the amount of the prize money to be received by your favourite artist.

Please do not worry if your favourite artist is not yet among the leaders; equally, do not opt out if the artwork of your choice is already at the very top: every vote matters to the artist and is guaranteed to increase the amount of the prize money he or she receives. The final prize amount will depend not on the ranking among the 10 winners, but on the exact number of viewer votes.


Voting for the artwork of your choice is very easy. Just follow these simple steps:

1. Log in to my Erarta account

2. Select Erarta Prize. Vote

3. Use the number displayed on the label to locate the shortlisted artwork you want to vote for

4. Click on the vote button

Still have questions? Ask our staff member for help!


Pursuant to the applicable tax laws of the Russian Federation, the prize draw Organiser, acting in the capacity of the withholding agent, must withhold from the amount of the Winner’s prize money and pay to the budget the amount of the personal income tax at a rate of 35%.