voting procedure

The Erarta Prize was founded as the first ever contemporary art prize to be awarded through a public vote rather than by a closed board of experts. The viewers could cast their vote in either of the two voting rounds through my Erarta account. Every viewer had only one vote for each of the two rounds.

In the course of the first round that lasted through 9 April, the viewers shortlisted the participants of the second round – the 10 artists whose works secured the majority of votes over the span of two months. The second voting round came to a close on 8 June, during the Prize’s closing gala event. The viewers determined in real time the exact distribution of prize money among the 10 winning artists. The final prize amount depended not on the ranking among the 10 winners, but on the exact number of viewer votes. The 2.5 million rubles of prize money were distributed among the shortlisted artists in proportion to the number of votes received.