guidelines for viewers judging the competition


The Erarta Prize was founded as the first ever contemporary art prize to be awarded through a public vote rather than by a closed board of experts. This premise is consistent with Erarta’s core philosophy: art is being created by the artist, but it is the viewers’ perception that makes it truly powerful.

At the suggestion of our most engaged viewers who took part in various prize-related activities in 2023, the total 2024 prize value will be fully allocated towards supporting the artists and distributed among the nominees according to the viewers’ judgement: consequently, it has been increased to 3.5 million rubles.

Deciding which artwork to vote for will be as easy as ever: meet-the-artist events with the 2024 Erarta Prize nominees will be held all through the first voting round. This time, instead of being exclusively geared towards museum visitors, such events will be broadcast online for a wider audience.

Moreover, the vote will be open to all supporters of the participating artists, including those who will not be able to attend the Erarta Museum show. All holders of valid Erarta Museum Tickets and Memberships who will not be able to travel to St. Petersburg during the period of the exhibition will have the option to vote in absentia. The 2024 Erarta Prize will feature three voting rounds: for each of them, every active Erarta Member/Ticket holder will have one vote that can be cast in favour of the artwork of their choice.