guidelines for the artists

The 2024 Erarta Prize nominees’ exhibition is on show at Erarta’s Grand Hall from 9 February through 9 June 2024, featuring 40 creations by our contemporaries selected by the museum out of the entire pool of works submitted by the contesting artists.

The three rounds of viewer voting will determine the exact distribution of the 3.5 million rubles in prize money among the participating artists. Please note that at the start of each subsequent voting round the number of votes is reset to zero.

  • At the close of the first voting round on 17 March, 15 nominated artists with fewer votes were determined. They were ranked from 40th to 26th and received a guaranteed reward of 50,000 rubles each.

  • The second round is in progress right now, running from 18 March through 25 April. At the end of it, 15 artists with the least votes will drop out of the competition for the Grand Prix, ranking from 25th to 11th and receiving 75,000 rubles each. Of the 25 artworks, 10 will be shortlisted for the third voting round.

  • The third round will take place from 26 April through 5 June. The 10 shortlisted artworks will compete for the following money prizes: the artists ultimately ranking from 10th to 6th are guaranteed to win 100,000 rubles each; the top five artists will receive 125,000 rubles for the 5th place, 150,000 rubles for the 4th, 175,000 rubles for the 3rd, 200,000 rubles for the 2nd, and the Grand Prix of 500,000 rubles for the 1st place respectively.



2024 Erarta Prize: 1st voting round results

In the course of the first voting round that lasted through 17 March, the majority of viewer votes went to the following 25 artists who will now compete in the second round:


Ivan Korshunov — 8.60% Stakan Psof — 2.70%
Oleg Ivaschenko — 8.51% Dmitry Kolistratov — 2.40%
Mikhail Dyachkov — 7.57% Igor Kulik — 2.28%
Maxim Morgunov — 5.55% Evgeniy Zaremba — 2.19%
Aleksey Golovin — 4.84% Aleksey Lebedev & Nadezhda Belaya — 2.05%
Alexander Grekov — 4.75% Maxim Korolkov — 1.69%
Alexander Saidov — 3.90% Yulia Sopina — 1.69%
Igor Ivanov — 3.69% Vladimir Andreyev — 1.67%
Anastasia Kuznetsova — 3.60% Archil Didishvili — 1.65%
Alexander Isakov — 3.48% Konstantin Grachyov — 1.57%
Vadim Grigoryev-Bashun — 3.36% Rinat Minnebayev — 1.53%
Denis Saunin — 2.94% Vasiliy Slonov — 1.53%
Gregori Maiofis — 2.84%  


The second voting round of the 2024 Erarta Prize will last from 18 March through 25 April. The number of votes received by these artists in the first round was reset to zero, and voting has started over. At the close of the second voting round, 10 artworks will be shortlisted for the third. The artists ranking from 11th to 25th will receive 75,000 rubles each and drop out of the competition.

After the fist voting round, the following artists were ranked from 25th to 40th:


Mikhail Kaban-Petrov — 1.43% Yegor Plotnikov — 0.80%
Yulia Malinina — 1.36% Konstantin Kartashevsky — 0.80%
Ivan Egorov — 1.20% Tatiana Chemeritsyna — 0.78%
Uspekh Provalov — 1.10% Igor Andryukhin — 0.73%
Victor Sirenko — 1.06% Victor Ponomarenko — 0.54%
Dmitry Loktionov — 0.99% Aleksey Semichov & Andrey Kuzmin — 0.45%
Katya-Anna Taguti — 0.92% Vladimir Polyakov — 0.40%
Filipp Rabachyov — 0.87%  


Although these artists will no longer compete for the Grand Prix, their works will still be on display until the close of the Prize nominees’ exhibition. Each of them will receive 50,000 rubles.

Stay tuned for more news: the second voting round results will be announced on 26 April. The third round will start on the same day and last through 5 June. Visit this page to find out more about the 3.5 million ruble prize money distribution procedure and voting rounds.

Good luck to all the participants!



2024 Erarta Prize nominees

The longlist is the result of the museum’s review of the entire pool of entries submitted by artists representing all genres and forms of contemporary art, including painting, graphic arts, sculpture, photography, installation, video and multimedia art.

The works by the following 40 artists will be displayed at the special exhibition staged by Erarta to determine the winners through a public vote:


Vladimir Andreyev Konstantin Kartashevsky Vladimir Polyakov
Igor Andryukhin Dmitry Kolistratov Victor Ponomarenko
Aleksey Lebedev & Nadezhda Belaya Maxim Korolkov Filipp Rabachyov
Konstantin Grachyov Ivan Korshunov Alexander Saidov
Alexander Grekov Anastasia Kuznetsova Denis Saunin
Vadim Grigoryev-Bashun Aleksey Semichov & Andrey Kuzmin Victor Sirenko
Aleksey Golovin Igor Kulik Vasiliy Slonov
Archil Didishvili Dmitry Loktionov Yulia Sopina
Mikhail Dyachkov Gregori Maiofis Katya-Anna Taguti
Ivan Egorov Yulia Malinina Uspekh Provalov
Evgeniy Zaremba Rinat Minnebayev Tatiana Chemeritsyna
Igor Ivanov Maxim Morgunov Stakan Psof
Oleg Ivaschenko Mikhail Kaban-Petrov  
Alexander Isakov Yegor Plotnikov  



Prize submission guidelines

Early submission of entries would ensure that any technical or organisational issues related to the staging of the exhibition would be handled by the artist together with Erarta Museum’s Curatorial Team in the most efficient way possible.

Only one artwork per artist will be featured in the exhibition. To improve the chances of being selected, every artist may submit up to three artworks.

The call for entries for the 2024 Erarta Prize was closed on 15 October 2023.