You have just voted in the third voting round of the 2024 Erarta Prize!

Your vote is extremely important: by supporting the artwork of your choice, you offer its creator a chance to win a bigger prize or even the Grand Prix. Stay tuned for the final voting results!

So now, what’s next?

  • The third voting round will last through 5 June. The final results and the winner of the Grand Prix will be announced at the closing gala event on 6 June. Stay tuned for the updates!

Here’s what you can do to continue supporting the 2024 Erarta Prize nominees in the third round:

Share your impressions with friends and encourage them to promote your favourite artwork

Erarta Prize is the only art prize judged by the viewers. Take our word for it: it’s a great conversation starter and a fun thing to discuss with your friends and family! Share your impressions about the artwork that ‘synced’ with you and encourage your friend to vote for it: this can even be done online after purchasing an E-Ticket.

Save the date: the ultimate winners of the 2024 Erarta Prize will be announced soon

The exact distribution of the remaining portion of the 3.5 million rubles in prize money among the 10 ultimate winners will be announced on 6 June. A little reminder: the 15 artists who secured fewer votes in the first round will receive 50,000 rubles each, while the guaranteed reward for each of the 15 artists who did not qualify for the third round will equal 75,000 rubles.

The exact prize to be earned in the third round of the 2024 Erarta Prize will fully depend on the ultimate winner’s ranking. The artists ranking from 10th to 6th are guaranteed to win 100,000 rubles each; the top five artists will receive 125,000 rubles for the 5th place, 150,000 rubles for the 4th, 175,000 rubles for the 3rd, 200,000 rubles for the 2nd, and the Grand Prix of 500,000 rubles for the 1st place respectively.

Stay tuned for more news: with a valid Ticket or Membership, you can keep visiting Erarta for free. Make sure to become an Erarta Member if you would like to attend the 2024 Erarta Prize’s closing gala event.

This is going to be unmissable!