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Thank you for your interest in Erarta Prize! We will happily provide any additional information, answer your questions, and introduce the project in more detail.


Erarta Museum inaugurates an annual contemporary art Prize and announces a call for entries

The total prize value of 3.2 million rubles will be divided between artists and viewers. For the first time in history, the prize will be awarded through a public vote rather than by a closed board of experts.

Any artists (or artist collectives) are welcome to compete for the Prize, regardless of their actual artistic background. The choice of media is also unrestricted: artworks of any genre or form of contemporary art (paintings, drawings, prints, sculptures, photographs, installation and video art, etc.) can be sumbitted. The artist submissions deadline is 1 November 2022. Entries can be submitted through the online form at prize.erarta.com.

From 9 February through 11 June 2023, Erarta’s main exhibition space will showcase 50 artworks selected by the museum. Following two rounds of public voting, the 2.5 million rubles of prize money will be distributed among the creators of the top 10 artworks in proportion to the number of viewer votes received. The 700,000 rubles worth of prize money will be distributed among the viewers deemed by Erarta to be the most committed to and creative in supporting their favourite artworks.


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