voting procedure

For the first time in history, the prize will be awarded through a public vote rather than by a closed board of experts. Every viewer shall have one vote for each of the two voting rounds.

Based on the outcome of the viewers’ secret ballot vote in the first round, out of the 50 artworks selected by Erarta Museum to be showcased in the contestant exhibition, top 10 artworks will be shortlisted for the second voting round according to the total number of votes given to a specific artwork.

The results of the viewers’ open public vote will be announced on the closing date of the exhibition. The 2.5 million rubles of prize money will be distributed among the creators of the top 10 artworks in proportion to the number of viewer votes received.

The voting procedure will be fair and transparent. The number of viewer votes given to the shortlisted artworks will be displayed on a scoreboard installed in the exhibition space and can be tracked in real time. Erarta will have no power whatsoever to interfere with the voting results which can be verified by any questioning parties after the close of the exhibition.