Erarta Museum’s audio guides

Contemporary art is always about the artist’s open dialogue with the world. Here at Erarta we aim to make the viewer part of this conversation. We believe that the easiest way to make friends with contemporary art is to let it help you gain a better insight into your own self. That is why we suggest you search the artworks for something that could, through your individual associations, trigger new thoughts and ideas and provide new experiences.

In order to present contemporary art in all its diversity, Erarta’s curatorial team produces variously themed audio guides to the museum’s permanent collection. Each of them is created to tell you what we love and value about the artworks on display; your next step will be to form your own opinion about them.

Our audio guides are available free of charge to all registered Members and Ticket holders. If you are visiting Erarta with a single-entry Ticket, register it at counters 9 or 10 prior to leaving the museum: in addition to complimentary audio guides, you will enjoy 365 days of unlimited admission to Erarta.

To start your dialogue with contemporary art, simply sign in to my Erarta account. Let us join our efforts in making each of your visits exciting and memorable!
audio guides to the permanent collection
Experience the largest collection of contemporary art in Russia.