• авторские коктейли рубашка

Erarta RestoBar presents:

Shnurov’s Shirt, a cocktail inspired by an artwork form the museum’s permanent collection

Ingredients: vanilla vodka, aloe vera, syrup, saffron pear syrup, Prosecco

This seemingly uncomplicated mix immediately transports you to one of the riotous parties of the 2000s. Indeed, its looks just as menacing as the old dance floor smashers by the Leningrad band. Its colour and presentation evoke the most popular club tipple of the ‘glamour era’ – the Energy Vodka. That said, even such a mundane clothing item as a shirt can be turned into a poem by a skilled couturier. This is achieved not so much by adding a coveted brand label as by paying particular attention to detail and style. What looks like an acerbic and numbing drink turns out to be highly nuanced and gentle – like the touch of a silk shirt on the skin. Solving the riddle of this cocktail is just as much fun as reminiscing about the hot nights at the vacation resorts of yore. Incidentally, its main note is aloe vera.