• авторские коктейли Несокрушимость

Erarta RestoBar presents:

Spinal Resurrection, a cocktail inspired by an artwork form the museum’s permanent collection

Ingredients: pear caramel gin, Cointreau, lemon juice

This refreshing citrusy cocktail pays homage to a piece created by the Belgian artist Jonas LeRiche. According to the mixologist’s vision, the drink not only imitates the artwork’s colour palette, but, more importantly, channels its vibe. LeRiche’s recurrent character, the posthuman, is unlike our contemporaries but still very human in the steely-spined will to survive, even if it takes transcending the limitations imposed by nature and establishing symbiotic connections. The futuristic taste of this mix has no parallel among the time-honoured traditional cocktails. Its creator, just like the artist, is striving to blaze new trails and predict future trends.