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  • Andrey Zvyagintsev
    11 February 2017
    film director
    “Foundation of Erarta in Saint Petersburg is a necessary and important event. Erarta is a whole separate world of senses and meanings behind the daily routine, a place of power and youth. We live in difficult times, but inside this space we can see the new perspectives. So there is a strong need to have such places as Erarta. The museum collection makes a good and fresh impression; especially I would like to point out the artist Dmitry Margolin. I saw only a small part of the collection that features over two thousand artworks, and I’m definitely coming back to see the rest of it”.
  • Alexander Sokurov
    02 September 2012
    film director, People's Artist of Russia
    “I beg you to keep on working. You support and defend the Russian art, and you help us all to realize our unity and our individuality. May God prosper you”.
  • The New York Times
    02 October 2012
    At Erarta, which opened in September, the challenge is to bring generations of artists together from across the country, rather than just from Moscow, which dominates the Russian contemporary art scene like a giant octopus. The museum — which has 2,000 works by more than 140 artists — and its sister gallery share a five-story Soviet-era building, whose last occupant was the Synthetic Rubber Research Institute. A three-year renovation has erased any traces of Communist dreariness. White walls, good lighting, wide staircases, video installations and a simple but elegant cafe make this a familiar landscape for international visitors.
  • Vyacheslav Polunin
    16 December 2014
    Russian actor, director, clown
    “In Erarta it feels home: it is comfortable, tidy, light and full of smiling people. It is the place where you can be in harmony with Art. I am very pleased to have held here the casting for my future project of contemporary circus. The atmosphere of this place carries a sense of dreams. Participants of the casting behaved differently among all these contemporary artworks: they tended to be in harmony with environment and could not allow themselves a bad taste. There is a special attitude to everything from a paintings to the bookstore. I congratulate you and Saint-Petersburg with the Erarta project”.
  • Romero Britto
    09 September 2015
    “I am very glad to have an opportunity to show my art in Russia. It is great country and I was just shocked by Saint Petersburg. The exhibition in Erarta is a very exciting event. The museum collection has made a great impression on me”.
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