Beyond Boundaries

24 October 2024 — 23 February 2025

Erarta Museum presents an exhibition of mesmerising art objects – a cross between sculptures and video installations – by the Swiss artist MARCK

This spring Erarta museum will present an exceptional series of video sculptures by the contemporary Swiss-German artist MARCK, focusing on the concept of boundaries.

In every sense of the word, MARCK has achieved the insurmountable task of creating a new movement within the discipline of video art — integrated video art. His works capture a series of moments experienced by protagonists facing unbelievable situations. Women are seemingly trapped in lagoons shaped by piercing teeth; tanks of milk and oil; attempting to escape a sickle, which could prove fatal at any moment.  

And yet, despite the physical boundaries that these characters are placed within, the works by MARCK seem to expand further with figures extending their powers beyond the frame: two nudes constrained to a corner structure are able to play with a physical ball; a Japanese woman is literally soaking in water which runs from one part of the work to the other; another pair of women are able to physically switch on lightbulbs which protrude from the top of the frame.

The innovative mechanics behind these works are sometimes beyond comprehension; taking into consideration that MARCK does not have an extensive studio and thus is simultaneously an artist, a mechanical and electrical engineer, it becomes evident why no other contemporary artist is attempting a similar feat of integrated video art.

Remarkable artistic production aside, MARCK’s works also have extensive depth, enticing the viewer to consider just how much freedom the figures present within the works hold and how it is limited by boundaries. Perhaps freedom only exists in conjunction with limits to it; one cannot exist without accounting for the other. At first glance the viewer assumes that these women are trapped, isolated and in need of escape but upon reflection they are not facing any situations which we haven’t ourselves.

As humans we are physically bound by our physical environment, but we are also confined by the boundaries set by society, the expectations of others as well as ourselves. All these confines and more will be investigated through the medium of integrated video art by MARCK in this special exhibition. 

Exhibition curator – Dasha Vass

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