Izhevskiy planT. The exhibition in the framework of the «Russia in Erarta»
14 December 2012 — 24 January 2013
  • Слайдер для Izhevskiy planT. The exhibition in the framework of the «Russia in Erarta». 16+

Museum of contemporary art Erarta continues its project "Russia in Erarta" with «Izhevsky planT» exhibition of Izhevsk's contemporary art. Educational project «Russia at Erarta» is aimed at popularisation of contemporary art in Russia and establishment of a cultural dialogue between Saint Petersburg and other cities of our country. The capital city of Udmurtia has become a new stage for the project after Samara, Novisibirsk and Perm.

Izhevsk is a city famous for its military and space industry. The regional spelling of the word «plant» («T» instead of «D» in zavod) refers to the old-school name for the inhabitants of this region. It also makes it clear that the main focus is not Kalashnikov but Izhevsk's artistic drive and vigour and the ability of its artists to spread around their creative energy.

Izhevsk has a bustling artistic life and it explains why the exhibition is so diverse: it includes painting, sculptures, graphics, art-objects, installations and video-art. One of the main features of the exhibition is Anfim Khanykov's sculpture which is reminiscent of the wooden sculpture tradition of XVIII—XIX centuries. Interactive exemplars, such as singing vessels from an art-group «TV dacha», help the visitors to immerse themselves in ethno-futuristic atmosphere of the show which is heightened by the «national avant-garde» vibe of the hand-made carpets with Finno Ugric ornaments. Digital art of Izhevsk addresses the theme of immortality, anthropomorphic chickens of Envil Kasimov- the problems of consumerism and the price of prosperity, felt guns shooting the felt boots depict deep reflection connected with the responsibility for the produced weapons. According to Envil Kasimov, one of the main organizers and ideologists of Izhevsk artistic life, this exhibition is a means of the city's change in spirit and public image.

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