“Optical Spaces. The Art of Victor Vasarely”
17 April 2015 — 14 June 2015
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Erarta Museum presented an exhibition “Optical Spaces. The Art of Victor Vasarely”


Erarta Museum presents drawings, paintings and kinetic sculptures by Victor Vasarely, the founder of Op Art movement.  “An artwork shouldn’t be confused with the environment, it is stand out of it” — said Victor Vasarely (1906—1997). The art of Vasarely is presented by painting, prints, kinetic objects and several abstract films which full of a desire to deceive a human perception, to force our consciousness to create an image, while the image on canvas is actually missing.

At the exhibition you can see famous zebras, woven from monochrome lines, football players, disassembled into pixels, numerous paintings with three-dimensional effect, industrial design objects, unique Vasarely’s self-portrait as well as “Space” collage, the only work of art in the world which had been in outer space. The “Space” collage was on board of the “Soyuz T-6” spacecraft and at the “Salyut 7” space station in 1982. Following the key ideas of Op Art all works by Vasarely are designed to change our ordinary view of the world, forcing the mind to look for a new point for understanding unusual visual experience.

Vasarely’s inventions in the use of colors and optical illusion have become extremely popular in the 1960—1970 and had a huge influence on contemporary artists, designers and graphic artists. Vasarely's concept of Colorful City, which resides at the intersection between art and urbanism and deals with problems of the organization and design of urban spaces, is of the most relevant parts of his legacy today.

Victor Vasarely (1906—1997) was born in Pécs (Hungary). He started his education at the private art school “Műhely”, recognized as the “Budapest Bauhaus”. After the first personal exhibition (1930) Vasarely moved to Paris, where he worked as a graphic artist and art consultant in advertising agencies. The first solo exhibition of the author in Paris took place in 1944 at the Denise René gallery, followed by a group of avant-garde artists, headed by Vasarely.

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