“The Great Scottish Adventure”. Photo exhibition of works by Elliott Erwitt
4 December 2013 —  9 December 2013
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From 4th to 9th of December as a part of The Macallan Masters of Photography international project Erarta Museum is hosting an exhibition of the most recent works by the master of reportage photography Elliott Erwitt


According to the magazine Professional Photographer, Elliott Erwitt is the most influential photographer of the modern world. Due to his rare ability to catch exactly the right moment he produced some of the iconic images of celebrities, among which is an unbelievably emotional portrait of Jacqueline Kennedy at her husband’s funeral and intimate shots of Marilyn Monroe on the set of “The Misfits”.

“The Great Scottish Adventure” which was created by Erwitt for the cult project The Macallan Masters of Photography will be shown at Erarta for 6 days. Erwitt’s pictures are full of deep meaning touched up with irony and dedicated to Scottish traditions, daily life of its inhabitants and vivid local vibe. With a backdrop of various landscapes from Scottish Highlands and Islands to the cities of Glasgow and Edinburgh the photographer managed to capture the paramount beauty of the ideal beauty.

Elliott Erwitts’s works will be complemented by a series of photographs by a prominent Russian photographer Vladimir Vyatkin dedicated to a daily life of the most influential public figures in Russia.

The Macallan Masters of Photography project has already won global acclaim in the world of photography. Three series of photographs were published as a part of the projects in collaboration with the legendary masters such as Albert Watson, Annie Leibovitz and John Rankin.

Please note! The admission is free but visitors’ registration is required. In order to register please visit www.mastersofphotography.ru or Erarta Museum. During the days of exhibition there will be special people assisting the registration process on the spot, although waiting in line might take some time.

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