«Regeneration». Inna Grinchel
13 September 2013 — 14 October 2013
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An exhibition of Inna Grinchel, an artist from Saint-Petersburg, about "cultural memory", the past and the present, the humanity and nature is opening at Erarta


Exhibition “Regeneration” presents two different projects. The first part includes a series of re-interpreted axiomatic antique sculptural busts which are well-known to students of any art institution and which refer us to Saint Petersburg classical art tradition. Next room accommodates a mysterious installation which has been inspired by atmosphere of the Baltic forest and has certain relevance to current eco-problems.

Inna Grinchel is an artist whose works are inspired by the spirit of contemporary art which is concerned not only with textural quality of the surface but also with its and dialogue with the surrounding space. The artistic environment which has been modeled by Inna is full of classical and mythological references which may lead the viewer into dense debris of possible interpretations. There is contextually meaningful and historically pivotal opposition of nature and culture in her works. In order to actualize it, the artist uses a method of creative inversion letting the flash devour the high-culture objects and revealing things alive in non-living matters. The “Heads” series visualizes a metaphor of “cultural memory” and launches an eerie process of mystical regeneration by means of adding alien elements to raw and solid forms.

“Forest Skin” is an installation which is disturbing on its own way. There is a Western-European myth about an enchanted forest which once replaced archaic fables of monstrous creatures that personified as natural forces. The forest, as a provider of food and shelter, simultaneously acts as mysterious and evil forces which attacks a hero who crossed the forbidden border and went too far into the woods. Nature is not a native human habitat. It is impossible to domesticate and control it technologically. Also, nature is not defenseless and has power to strike back!

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