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“Showcase Yourself at Erarta”

21 August 2014

Dear friends! We thank each of you who took part in the "Showcase Yourself at Erarta" and we are happy to share with you our latest news and plans for the future.

For three consecutive years the large-scale campaign of total creativity "Showcase Yourself at Erarta" was giving a great number of people an opportunity to express themselves in the sphere of art. Once a year all the works of the museum exposition were replaced with blank canvases so anyone could create his own piece of art. Within the project more than 1,500 gallons of paint and more than 2,000 brushes were used and over 1,800 masterpieces were created. All the profit from the sales of the created works was invested into charity. But what we consider our main achievement is 10,000 people who took part in the project, and with their own example proved the prime principle of Erarta: "Everyone can be an artist!".

You created paintings, participated in programs, and shared your drive and energy with us, with each other and with thousands of Erarta's social networks subscribers. Thank you for that celebration that we were creating together! Only because of you, our dear visitors, "Showcase Yourself at Erarta" will remain in our memory as a bright and creative event.

Contemporary art in general and Erarta project in particular don't stand still. We always aim to please and surprise you with something special and now we are preparing a new grandiose program of interesting exhibitions, concerts, lectures, performances and mass actions, since Erarta is the place where there is always something going on. At the end of this year we are opening a new venue with a large concert hall of 1,100 people capacity, additional exhibition spaces (including spaces for street art, autoart and many other new genres), and an entire exposition floor for the objects of contemporary fashion. So follow our newsline and event calendar on the website, social networks and inside the museum building!

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