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“Up High” Gastronomic Set by Artem Grebenshchikov, the masterchef of Erarta Café restaurant

22 April 2016

Erarta Museum is proud to present a new approach to immerse into the world of contemporary art: the author’s gastronomic set at Erarta Café restaurant.

Gastronomic set is a symbiosis of bright tastes and emotional colors, combined into a finely aligned sequence of self-sufficient and at the same time complementary courses by the chef of Erarta Café restaurant Artem Grebenshchikov. The content of Erarta gastronomic sets change according to the major museum exhibitions. The food perception gets stronger after seeing a show and receiving new impressions. The sets are served in the format of Friday night dinner, where each element, both the dish and its presentation, is a masterpiece with a beautiful aftertaste remaining long in your memory.

The first gastronomic set by the Erarta Café chef is dedicated to “Up High” photo exhibition, that’s currently running at Erarta Museum (March 25 till August 7, 2016).

“Up High” exhibition features the best photos by famous “urban ninjas” Vadim Makhorov and Vitaly Raskalov. These conquerors of the world’s tallest buildings built up their own collection of emotions from the most fascinating, dangerous and remote places around the world such as New York, Rio de Janeiro, Hong Kong, Shenzhen and etc. After visiting the exhibition, guests proceed to Erarta Café restaurant to experience the gastronomic set show. During the dinner, the guests are offered 8 courses (11 dishes) — 8 expressive masterpieces of visual arts. Each “exhibit” of the set is a fine combination of different art forms in the broadest sense — from gastronomy to architecture.

Erarta Museum has long gone beyond the classic format of “a place where exhibits are exhibited”. A museum visit today is a social event, an inspiring amusement, an occasion for meetings and an unusual emotional experience. Such events as gastronomic set tasting at Erarta open to the guests new horizons of gustatory sensations and unusual forms and textures of such vast phenomenon as “gastronomy”.

The Erarta Café gourmet dinners are served every Friday from 18:00, starting from April 29 till August 7.

Extract from the set menu:

  • profiteroles with sturgeon caviar and avocado;
  • stewed duck breast with salty chocolate and Parmentier of fermented celery;
  • Rütli cheese with melon and cilantro sprouts;
  • handmade chocolate candies with calf’s brains cream and sherry syrup;
  • Scallops carpaccio with sea urchin mayonnaise;
  • Juice of oxheart tomatoes with basil and lemongrass flavour


Set — 3 000 rub. * / 3 500 rub.

*set cost for Erarta annual pass holders

For reservations: +7 (812) 334 68 96

We recommend leaving not less than two hours for the gastronomic set tasting! Take your time to enjoy this artistic and gastronomic show and to maneuver a safe “return to Earth” from the heights of art.

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