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Fellini Gastronomic Set at the Erarta Café Restaurant

30 November 2016

Erarta Café is proud to announce the new gastronomic set, dedicated to the legendary Italian film director Federico Fellini.


The set is inspired by “The Glorious World of Fellini” exhibition, which is currently running at Erarta Museum. The show features over a hundred original pieces from the iconic films. The author of the gastronomic masterpieces is Erarta Café Head Chef Artem Grebenshchikov. 

Federico Fellini used to say: “The best things in life go along with a good meal”. As a true Italian he adored food and considered it an integral part of life. Many of his film characters illustrate the ability to enjoy good food. The unique aesthetics of Fellini’s masterpieces became the inspiration for eight and a half courses of the gastronomic set. This number is symbolic for the movie lovers as it refers directly to the famous “8½”. Most of the dishes are tribute to Italian specialties. 


  • gazpacho in a tomato
  • oxtail micro-sandwich
  • burrata with sweet sun-dried tomatoes, fig sorbet and mint
  • phalanx crab in jelly of tomato water / oyster / octopus ink mayonnaise
  • black Angus beef carpaccio with Grenache ice cream
  • “3 meats / 3 onions”
  • sorbet of fermented pear and rose water
  • dessert “Dolce Vita” (panna cotta of simmered milk and black truffle, chestnut honey cake, caciotta al tartufo)
  • dessert “Magician’s Box”


The Erarta Café’s gastronomic sets are a new entertainment format based on visual, emotional and gustatory perception of contemporary art. Such experience enriches the guests with new dimensions of flavors, forms and textures and provides a vast concept of gastronomy in general.

The price of the set is 3500 rubles and 5000 rubles with wine (3000 rubles and 4500 rubles respectively for Erarta Annual pass holders).

The price includes a guided tour of the exhibition.

Our gastronomic sets are available every Friday.

Please make your reservation in advance: +7 (812) 334-68-96.

Эльвира Егорова
Юрий Дормидошин
Сергей Альхимович