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The Erarta restaurant launches a dinner set specifically created for the “Lamborghini: Design Legend” exhibition

18 August 2017

The Erarta restaurant is proud to present a new dinner set, dedicated to the "Lamborghini. Design Legend" exhibition. The exposition exploring the past and present of the iconic Italian car brand opens on the 8th of September in the Erarta new exhibition space. The launch of the dinner set coincides with the exhibition opening night

  • сорбет из гуавы, муалю, ганаш из манго, шоколад 

  • морские гребешки, водоросли, лук, кейл


The Erarta restaurant Head Chef Artem Grebenshchikov took inspiration from a rich history of the Lamborghini brand.

One of the dinner courses evokes the image of a red tractor created by Lamborghini long before the production of his first sport car. Artem Grebenshchikov plays with the colour of the first vehicle by offering the dish made with semi-dried tomatoes, watermelon, crispy mustard and pomegranate. It is served on a red plate.

Mackerel with cauliflower and yuzu ice cream, another item on the menu, with its sharp corners and straight lines brings to mind Lamborghini Diablo. While the dish of scallops with crispy kale and onion served on a blue plate takes the visitor to the vast depths of the sea conquered by the Lamborghini powerboats.

The menu, dedicated to the Italian supercars, would need a reference to the bull, the Lamborghini symbol. That’s exactly why, filet mignon and bull's tail served in the brand’s signature colours with yellow beetroot and carrot purée will be offered as a sixth course.

The dinner is concluded with the “Miura” dessert (guava sorbet, moelleux, mango ganache and chocolate) named after the legendary yellow supercar and served with the Lamborghini logo.

Gastronomic set is available in the Erarta restaurant every Thursday and Friday, from September, 8 until January, 15.

The restaurant offers the wine pairings specifically tailored to our dinner set. 

Please make your reservation in advance:  8 (812) 334 68 96.

The price of the set is 3500 rubles and 5000 rubles with wine.

The price of the set for Erarta Annual pass holders is 3000 rubles and 4500 rubles with wine.

The price includes visiting the “Lamborghini: Design Legend” exhibition.

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