Erarta Restaurant Presents the Gala Dessert and Salvador Dalí’s Salad

Starting from 25 May, Erarta Restaurant is offering a special Gala Dessert inspired by the exhibition of Salvador Dalí's sculptures

25 May 16:10
Museum news

The dessert owes its rich summer taste to the unique combination of raspberry cheesecake, raspberry compote, coffee sponge cake and mango sauce. Inspired by the creations of the surrealist genius, Erarta Restaurant’s head chef accentuated the plasticity of the dessert’s components in its presentation. The appearance of this signature treat alludes to Dalí’s most iconic image, the melting watch, reminding of the nonlinear and transient nature of time.

On 1 June, Erarta Restaurant will introduce yet another dish inspired by the surrealist master’s exhibition: the Red Salad based on the artist’s own recipe.

Salvador Dalí was often heard saying that at the age of six he wanted to be a cook. Before turning 60 he published a cookbook, ‘Les Dîners de Gala’ (‘Gala’s Dinners’), in which the Erarta Restaurant’s head chef discovered the recipe of this unusual salad combining juicy bell peppers, tender beets, roast beef, cucumbers, cream of balsamic and zesty raspberry sauce.

Complement your visit to Salvador Dalí: Sculptures with an extraordinary culinary treat at the Erarta Restaurant!


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