Erarta Restaurant Introduces Autumn Menu

Erarta Restaurant has unveiled its autumn menu: over the upcoming three months, guests will be tempted by a selection of seasonal vegetables, dazzling colours, and unexpected taste and flavour combinations

5 September 14:35
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The unrivalled season's favourite and real star of the newly revamped menu is pumpkin. Treat yourself to a pumpkin cappuccino soup, marrows fried in garlic oil under pumpkin sauce, roasted pumpkin with homemade yoghurt, cilantro and Thai mango sauce, or a confit duck leg with marrows, pumpkin and berry sauce. 

Other new arrivals worth a special mention are the grilled watermelon steak with sesame seed oil, mixed green salad with red king crab and mango, and Prime Ribeye steak with grilled vegetables and peppercorn sauce.

Whenever visiting our restaurant, always make sure to save room for dessert. The latter is definitely not to be missed: for a number of years, Erarta's desserts have been rated as the best in St. Petersburg. By the way, sweet tooths will certainly be delighted to hear of such new additions to the menu as chocolate dessert with almonds or pumpkin pie with sun-dried tomatoes and Gorgonzola ice cream. 

The wine list has also seen some seasonal updates. Even more impressive than before, it has been extended to feature orange and pearl wines, pét-nats, and even wines produced on the slope of an active volcano!


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