U-Space. Infinity

We are infinite. In the symbol of infinity, the horizontal figure eight, we are the point of contact between the two circles. One circle represents our infinite external, while the other is our infinite internal.

The infinite external is seen in our belonging to the universe — the all-encompassing, never-vanishing energy field, an unbroken chain of generations. Our belonging to the eternal will never let us disappear without a trace. We will ultimately reach our descendants much like the light from the stars that have faded long ago eventually reaches us.

The infinite internal is revealed in our boundless possibilities. While we are alive, there are no limits to our mind and imagination, to our love, hope and faith. While we exist, death does not and when it arrives, death is merely the first step on an unknown, truly infinite path.

By uniting these two infinities, man becomes equal to the universe.

Concept and project development — Erarta Museum team.

Technical execution — Alexander Arhipenko and Sergey Matveev.


Visiting rules of the U-Space “Infinity”:

  • All interior elements are integral parts of the exposition. We kindly ask you not to destroy the compositional integrity and not to harm the objects.

  • We will appreciate if after your visit all the U-Space objects will stay in their original places and the installation will remain unchanged.

The room is equipped with a surveillance camera in order to prevent damage of the objects. In case of non-compliance with the visiting rules the administration reserves the right to stop the session.

About Project
RUB 200
15 min
fixed price for a group of maximum 5 people


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