guidelines for the artists

2023 Erarta Prize winners

The 10 winning artists of the 2023 Erarta Prize were determined at the close of the first voting round that lasted through 9 April. The second voting round came to a close on 8 June. Its outcome finalised the exact distribution of prize money: the final prize amount depended not on the ranking among the 10 winners, but on the exact number of viewer votes received. The 2.5 million rubles of prize money have been distributed among the artists in proportion to the number of viewer votes as follows:

Tamerlane Tles — 30.05%

Elena Grishayeva (Dj Le Nochka) — 29.12%

Anastasia Kuznetsova-Ruf — 11.43%

Galina Kazarinova — 6.89%

Alexey Apish — 5.22%

DASHA ART — 4.45%

Maria Bogoraz — 3.76%

Rinat Akhmetov — 3.16%

Andrey Shatilov — 3.08%

Dmitry Kawarga — 2.85%



2023 Erarta Prize shortlist

In the course of the first voting round that lasted through 9 April, the viewers shortlisted the participants of the second round – the 10 artists whose works secured the majority of viewer votes over the span of two months. They are:


Alexey Apish Galina Kazarinova
Rinat Akhmetov Anastasia Kuznetsova-Ruf
Maria Bogoraz Tamerlane Tles
Elena Grishayeva (Dj Le Nochka) Andrey Shatilov
Dmitry Kawarga DASHA ART


The 2.5 million rubles worth of prize money will be distributed among the 10 winning artists in proportion to the number of viewer votes received by their artworks.

In order to guarantee that all shortlisted artists compete on equal terms, we have updated the campaigning procedure. As of 11 May, shortlisted artists may personally encourage the exhibition visitors to vote for their artworks while inside the museum building only on their scheduled meet-the-artist event date. Should any artist attempt to personally encourage the visitors to support his or her work at any other time, any and all votes received by the respective artist on that day will be cancelled. At the same time, the shortlisted artists may still actively campaign online on any day and without limitation: only in this case will the artists based in St. Petersburg and other cities be able to compete equally.



2023 Erarta Prize nominees

Having reviewed all entries submitted by the artists working in the media of painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture, photography, video, installation and multimedia art, as well as other contemporary art forms, the museum finalised the longlist of Prize nominees.

The special exhibition organised by Erarta to determine the winners through a public vote will showcase the works by the following 61 artists:


Vladimir Abikh Dinara Hörtnagl Natalya Merkulyeva
Alexey Andreyev Victoria Ivanova Igor Mikhailenko
Alexey Apish Aydar Ishemgulov Olga Pavlova
Rinat Akhmetov Galina Kazarinova Andrey Sikorsky
Stas Bags Katarina Kano Sergey Sekirin
Olga Batyrshina Olesya Kot Maria Suvorova
Maria Bogoraz Anastasia Kuznetsova-Ruf Rustam Syunyakov
Anton Bratykin Nadezhda Kosinskaya Andrey Shatilov
Aristarkh Chernyshyov Alexander Koryashkin Yulia Sopina
Evgenia Davletshina Vadim Komissarov Nino Samadashvili
DASHA ART Yustina Komissarova Tamerlane Tles
Ksenia Efimova Yaroslava Komissarova Dmitry Trubin
Nikolai Endegor Sergey Karev Natalya Veneva
Nikita Evdokimov Dmitry Kawarga Alexey Vorobyov
Oleg Echo Alexey Kessel Timofey Volkov
Vyacheslav Ereschuk Nikita Kulnev Semyon Zhokhov
Georgy Frangulyan Dmitry Kaminker Alexander Zhernoklyuyev
Antonina Fathullina Dmitry Loktionov Dmitry Zhukov
Alexander Grigoryev Vilgeniy Melnikov Evgeniy Zaremba
Vadim Grigoryev-Bashun Eduard Mkhoyan  
Elena Grishayeva
(Dj Le Nochka)
Olga Muravina  


The exhibition of works by the nominated artists will run at Erarta’s Grand Hall from 9 February through 11 June 2023.



Prize entries

Early submission of entries would ensure that any technical or organisational issues related to the staging of the exhibition would be handled by the artist together with Erarta Museum’s Curatorial Team in the most efficient way possible.

Only one artwork per artist will be featured in the exhibition. Up to three artworks could be submitted to improve the chances of being selected.

The 2023 Erarta Prize call for submissions has been closed on 1 November 2022.