Erarta's programmes are aimed at connecting people to contemporary art and often immerse the participants in the creative process. All of the below programmes have been created especially by Erarta in order to help us achieve the overall goals of the project — to maximise the audience which is interested in contemporary art and derives pleasure from it, to bring people closer to art because we believe art can become an important part of everyone's life, one that makes it more interesting and happy. And we believe that in order to achieve this goal, it's not enough just to exhibit one's collection or explain to the public what is considered by some authorities to be great art — on the contrary, art has to be "internalised" in a way and everyone has to find their own path in it — only in that way can it truly become interesting to the viewer. As such, our programmes are the perfect vehicle to help us share our love of art with the audience and fuel their passion for it — we believe those with a creative mind are capable of broadening their passion for the arts. And there's plenty of programmes for the creatively inclined — celebrations, festivals, workshops, quests, entertaining lectures and much more — we hope everyone will be able to find something that will fuel their inner creativity and help them take a step closer to contemporary art. We hope you enjoy exploring the below categories and individual programmes within this section and that you'll then take a further step and participate in those that appeal — for some, you don't have to set foot outside home and as for some others, we hope to see you joining in the fun within Erarta's walls very soon!

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19 June, 15:47
The temporary exhibition on floor 5 will be closed until 15:00 on 22 June, while Yury Tatianin's and Aleksey Chizhov's exhib...
30 May, 10:54
The Art Newspaper Russia publishes its annual rating
Museum news
25 May, 16:10
Starting from 25 May, Erarta Restaurant is offering a special Gala Dessert inspired by the exhibition of Salvador Dalí's scu...
Museum news
25 May, 15:41
On 25 May Erarta Museum launches daily guided tours of its Salvador Dalí: Sculptures exhibition
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