Erarta Museum is closed on Tuesdays
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  • Erarta museum café
floor 3, passageway between the
Museum Wing and the Exhibitions Wing
opening hours: 11:00 ‒ 22:00
closed on tuesdays
The café of Erarta Museum is a perfect place for unwinding and socializing. Let yourself be tempted by our exquisite selection of tea, coffee, mains, sandwiches and desserts. For the best takeaway choice, grab a pack of Erarta’s miniature chocolate bars in wrappers featuring artworks from the museum collection, or a box of Erarta Restaurant’s signature assorted flavour éclairs.

In good weather, visitors love to relax on the café’s open-air balcony offering a panoramic view of the green and architecturally eclectic Sobchak Square.

Free WiFi is available in the café and throughout the rest of the museum building.
  • Erarta restaurant’s signature éclairs and a lime tart
  • assorted signature éclairs: vanilla, pistachio, caramel, mango, and blackcurrant
  • blueberry parfait
  • mango and passion fruit mousse
  • set of 5 macarons
  • cream of corn soup with pepperoni chips