• авторские коктейли клумба

Erarta RestoBar presents:

Flowerbed, a cocktail inspired by an artwork form the museum’s permanent collection

Ingredients: butterfly-pea flower tea gin, violet liqueur, lemon juice, sugar syrup, Candurin gold food colouring

This cocktail was inspired by one of the works of the Chinese artist Zhuang Hong Yi. This striking creation is displayed on floor 1 of the Museum Wing. A brilliant colourist, the artist expertly harnesses the elemental forces of colour. Not a painting in the traditional sense, his Flowerbed is nonetheless deeply rooted in this medium: its vivid hues are applied in a painterly manner and change according to the viewer’s gaze. The complex and intriguing colour of the cocktail is just as dynamic and offsets its taste. The name and the intensity of colour suggest the presence of some fragrant garden flower. Could it be violet? Or maybe lavender?