• авторские коктейли матрешка

Erarta RestoBar presents:

Matryoshka, a cocktail inspired by an artwork form the museum’s permanent collection

Ingredients: vanilla vodka, lychee syrup, raspberry purée, lemon juice, sugar syrup, tonic water, Tabasco

One art object on Erarta’s floor 3 is certainly hard to miss. It is called Welcome to Russia. This bigger-than-human matryoshka doll resembling an Ancient Egyptian sarcophagus looks bright and inviting on the outside. However, the visitor is in for a quite unnerving experience: on the inside, the doll’s shell is strewn with spikes, like a Medieval torture device. Those who dare enter it must really brace themselves. The artwork’s ambivalent mood is echoed by this bold and eye-catching raspberry-hued fruit cocktail. Keep in mind, though, that Russia, however hospitable and open to the world, is no less structurally complex than a matryoshka doll. A faintly sweet raspberry flavour is accented here with a sharp tinge, bringing to mind the traditional Russian feasts featuring a rich selection of pickles. Oh, one more thing! You will still have to brace yourself, as this vodka-based drink offers an unusual twist on the Bloody Mary recipe. This, however, is not immediately obvious, as it also references all the crowning glories of the Russian cuisine. Not to mention the fact that the matryoshka doll is actually a more than a century old Japanese invention.