2024 Erarta Prize

9 February 2024 — 9 June 2024
  • 2024 Erarta Prize

Erarta Museum presented the 2024 Erarta Prize exhibition featuring the nominees for its annual contemporary art prize

  • Artworks by 40 contemporary talents – paintings, drawings, prints, sculptures, installations, and photographs – presented in a large-scale show at Erarta’s Grand Hall

  • The only contemporary art prize awarded through a public vote rather than by a closed board of experts

  • Total prize value for the artists – 3.5 million rubles


The Erarta Prize was founded as the first ever contemporary art prize awarded through a public vote rather than by a closed board of experts. This premise is consistent with Erarta’s core philosophy: art is being created by the artist, but it is the viewers’ perception that makes it truly powerful. That is why it was up to the viewers – active Erarta Members and Ticket holders – to determine the exact distribution of the 3.5 million rubles in prize money among the nominated artists.

The 2024 Erarta Prize exhibition was staged with the special aim of determining the winners through a public vote. The large-scale show at Erarta’s Grand Hall featured the artworks by 40 contemporary artists – paintings, drawings, prints, sculptures, photographs, installations, as well as other contemporary art media. Over the span of four months, exhibition visitors voted for their favourite artworks.

Every viewer had one vote for each of the three voting rounds. All holders of valid Erarta Museum Tickets and Memberships who were not able to travel to St. Petersburg during the period of the 2024 Erarta Prize exhibition had the option to vote in absentia.

The first two voting rounds, which lasted from 9 February through 17 March and from 18 March through 25 April respectively, followed similar rules: 15 artworks which had the least votes at the end of each dropped out of the competition. The creators of the 10 artworks which qualified for the third round continued to compete for the Grand Prix: the final voting round came to a close on 5 June. Every vote was extremely important for the ultimate winners: by voting for the artwork of your choice, you offered its creator a chance to win a bigger prize. Please visit prize.erarta.com to learn more about the voting and prize awarding procedure.

Erarta Museum would like to thank everyone who took an active part in determining the 2024 Erarta Prize winners. The enthusiastic feedback received from everyone involved – artists and viewers alike – proved that this one-of-a-kind project that perfectly embodies the museum’s core values and is bound to continue. We are looking forward to new exciting discoveries!

Details of the next open call for entries will be announced in the autumn of 2024: stay tuned to our website erarta.com and Erarta’s social media for updates.

See you at the 2025 Erarta Prize!

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