From 9 February through 9 June, Erarta Museum of Contemporary Art hosted an exhibition of artworks nominated for the 2024 Erarta Prize – the only art prize judged by the viewers. In 2024, the total prize money to be awarded to the artists was increased to 3.5 million rubles. At the suggestion of our most engaged viewers who took part in various challenges and other prize-related activities last year, the total 2024 prize value was fully allocated towards supporting the artists and distributed among the nominees according to the voting results.

The 2024 Erarta Prize exhibition was staged with the special aim of determining the winners through a public vote. The large-scale show at Erarta’s Grand Hall featured the artworks by 40 contemporary artists – paintings, drawings, prints, sculptures, photographs, installations, as well as other contemporary art media. Over the span of four months, exhibition visitors voted for their favourite artworks.

Several changes were introduced to the Erarta Prize awarding procedure in 2024: for instance, all holders of valid Erarta Museum Tickets and Memberships who were not able to travel to St. Petersburg during the period of the 2024 Erarta Prize exhibition had the option to vote in absentia.

Another new feature was the introduction of a guaranteed reward for all participants that depended on their exact ranking. Consequently, the prize was distributed through a series of three voting rounds. The first two rounds, which lasted from 9 February through 17 March and from 18 March through 25 April respectively, followed similar rules: 15 artworks which had the least votes at the end of each were ranked from 40th to 11th. The creators of the 10 artworks which qualified for the third round continued to compete for the main prize. The final voting round came to a close on 5 June. The majority of viewer votes went to Oleg Ivaschenko’s Drop, entitling the artist to the 500,000-ruble Grand Prix.

Every vote was extremely important for the artists: by voting for the artwork of their choice, the viewers offered its creator a chance to ultimately win a bigger prize. Additional details of the voting and prize awarding procedure in 2024, as well as other updates, can be found on the Voting Procedure page.



Launched in 2023, the project was justly awarded the title of Project of the Year in the Arts Category by the Delovoy Peterburg daily business newspaper. That year, the total prize value equalled 3.2 million rubles and was divided between artists (2.5 million rubles) and active viewers (700,000 rubles).

The artworks by 61 nominees selected by the museum to compete for the 2023 Erarta Prize were showcased in a large-scale exhibition held at Erarta’s Grand Hall. The exhibition featured paintings, drawings, prints, sculptures, installations, photographs, video art, as well as other contemporary art media. The show was on display from 9 February through 11 June 2023 – over the span of four months, exhibition visitors voted for the artworks of their choice.

The viewers shortlisted 10 artists for the second voting round. Its results were announced at the 2023 Erarta Prize’s closing gala event, and the exact distribution of the 2.5 million rubles in prize money among the winning artists was finalised. The artwork ranked first by the viewers was Eclipse by Tamerlane Tles.

Erarta Museum would like to thank everyone who took an active part in the project!