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The 2024 Erarta Prize: Final Results

07 June 2024
Erarta Museum announces the winners of the second annual contemporary art prize judged by the viewers

The closing gala event of the 2024 Erarta Prize took place on 6 June. Erarta team members, nominated artists, members of the press, and the viewers assembled at Erarta’s Grand Hall for the announcement of the project’s final results. In 2024, the total prize value for the artists was increased to 3.5 million rubles and distributed among the 40 nominees according to their ranking.

The first edition of this large-scale project took place in 2023: the Erarta Prize was inaugurated as the first ever contemporary art prize awarded through a public vote rather than by a closed board of experts. That year, the total prize value equalled 3.2 million rubles and was divided between the 10 shortlisted artists (2.5 million rubles) and active viewers (700,000 rubles).

In 2024, following an open call for entries, the museum’s team selected a total of 40 Prize nominees. Their artworks were showcased at the special exhibition organised to determine the winners through a public viewer vote. The 2024 Erarta Prize exhibition featured paintings, drawings, prints, sculptures, installations, photographs, as well as other contemporary art media.

Over the span of four months, exhibition visitors voted for their favourite artworks in three voting rounds. The voting procedure was completely transparent: everyone could monitor the actual distribution of votes between the artists in real time by looking at the screens installed in the exhibition space and see their own votes being counted. At the start of each subsequent voting round, the number of votes received was reset to zero, and voting started over. Every vote was extremely important for the artists: by supporting the artwork of their choice, the viewers offered its creator a chance to win a bigger prize.

At the close of the first voting round, 15 artists with fewer votes dropped out of the competition for the Grand Prix, receiving 50,000 rubles each. The second voting round determined another 15 artists who would not compete in the final round, winning 75,000 rubles each. After the third voting round, the 10 shortlisted artists received the following prizes according to their ultimate rating:

Grand Prix – Oleg Ivaschenko, 500,000 rubles

2nd place – Ivan Korshunov, 200,000 rubles

3rd place – Mikhail Dyachkov, 175,000 rubles

4th place – Maxim Morgunov, 150,000 rubles

5th place – Anastasia Kuznetsova, 125,000 rubles

6th place – Alexander Grekov, 100,000 rubles

7th/8th place – Vadim Grigoryev-Bashun, 100,000 rubles

7th/8th place – Aleksey Golovin, 100,000 rubles

9th place – Alexander Saidov, 100,000 rubles

10th place – Alexander Isakov, 100,000 rubles

Erarta Museum would like to thank everyone who took an active part in determining the 2024 Erarta Prize winners. Together we could carry through this one-of-a-kind project that perfectly embodies the museum’s core values and is bound to continue.

Details of the next open call for entries will be announced in the autumn of 2024: stay tuned to our website and Erarta’s social media for updates.

See you at the 2025 Erarta Prize!