• черный квадрат

    The Adventures of BB Square

Erarta’s own cartoon series tell the story of the hero of Kazimir Malevich’s famous painting, who comes to life and embarks upon whirlwind adventures in the world of art. “The Adventures of BB Square” is both fun and educational and is for all those who feel they can relate to the description of “grown-up kids”

After a failed lecture about avant-garde art, BB Square magically comes to life and heads to seek shelter at the home of Erarta’s guide, Eric Roundman. Their first encounter is interrupted by a TV broadcast of a horrified news anchor reporting that Malevich’s masterpiece is missing! Eric decides to let BB Square stay with him and his family … and gets far more adventure than he bargained for! The self-appointed “legend of avant-garde” is extremely fun loving, sometimes even bordering on arrogant, yet the quintessential lovable rogue who turns out to have a magic ability of bringing other art to life and intent on proving that art can fit naturally into everyone’s lives. On their journey our friends encounter not only world-famous characters from the works of Picasso, Munch, Matisse but also regular folk, adjusting to their new artful world, such as policemen, melon sellers, art-terrorists and zealous pensioners…

The cartoon series can be ordered on demand in one of the video halls on floor 3 of the museum. Please ask the reception or email us in advance (info@erarta.com) for a possibility of a private screening.