• The Valley of Colours

    The Valley of Colours

floor 5, Museum Wing
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The Valley of Colours is a book for the whole family written by Marina Varvarina, the founder of the Erarta project. Its main characters take the readers on a journey filled with amazing discoveries. You will explore the Blue Kingdom, arrive unexpectedly in the Red Union, and pay visits to the United States of Orange, the Yellow Empire, the Violetican sovereign enclave, and the Green Republic.

The inhabitants of the Valley of Colours occupy a special room at Erarta Museum. Visit it to learn:

— how Goga the parrot and the genie out of the Blue Label bottle joined the entourage of Queen Indigo;

— what makes the inhabitants of the United States of Orange truly happy;

— which three words make up the motto of the Violetican microstate;

— why pink was considered the perfect colour for boys in the 19th century;

— and other stories about the influence of colour on our mood, global fashion, and the languages we speak.

Besides, it’s a great opportunity to take colourful pictures next to the book’s characters.


Inspired by the adventures of colours, Erarta Restaurant created a signature selection of mini cupcakes. The dessert comes in six different flavours, served in a book-shaped takeaway box featuring colour-coded references to the imaginary countries.