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The author of the “Valley of Colours” is Marina Varvarina, the founder of the Erarta Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia’s largest private museum of contemporary art.

The plot is an entertaining tale of fantastic adventures of colours, which eventually led to the creation of a rich palette from the three primary colours. Despite being a fictional story, the book contains extensive facts about the life and customs of people of different countries that are entwined with elements of psychological aspects of colour perception. Many of us do not realize what artists are well aware of: that each colour has its own unique character and charm and interacts in a special way with other colours. The book is an attempt of an easy-going and engaging conversation with the younger generation on the very serious issue of the importance of the need to learn to see the beauty and splendour of the surrounding world in order to grow to love it in all its diversity.

The illustrations for the book were created by the famous Russian artist Nikolai Kopeikin, who’s famous for his wonderful versatility of nature and a great sense of humour. The characters of the book that came to life by his hands are full of brightness and charm.

Interview with the author and the illustrator

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express tour of the Valley of Colours

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