• YOUnits


floor 3, hall

YOUnits is a creative space at Erarta Museum, made up of 50 cells designated for everyone's self-expression, which is all about YOU.

YOU can rent one of the cells and express yourself creatively. We welcome all genres — design, photography, painting, sculpture, installation — the choice is yours! 

YOU can address your work to a friend, a loved one or to the entire world — it's your call!

YOU can change the contents of your rented space on a daily basis or not change it at all.

YOU can gift a rented space to a friend or take one out as a group.

YOU can change the contents of the rented YOUnits remotely — for example, by sending us a parcel or, if it’s something that can be printed out, by emailing us your work to younits@erarta.com.

The cost of renting a cell is RUB 1,000 per month. It’s possible to rent any number of unoccupied cells. After agreeing to terms & conditions (emailed upon request), the renter is given access to a key to the cell(s) (keys are kept at our reception for security) throughout the duration of his rent period.

Each cell is a symmetrical hexagon with a clear glass lid. Each edge is 27 cm long while the depth of a cell is 10 cm. Top-to-bottom distance/height is 47.5cm. 

If you have any questions regarding the project or would like to rent a cell, please contact us by emailing younits@erarta.com